Ronja Sebastian & the Sensual Yogini Present:
Yoni Love & Intimate Health for Women
– FREE Virtual Girls Hangout & Luxurious Wisdom Masterclass...
Yoni Love & Intimate Health for Women – Virtual Girls Hangout & Luxurious Wisdom Masterclass...
In this free lovestream you'll discover...
  • Do's and don't's for a happy healthy yoni and healthy orgasmic breasts
  • Why you might be feeling numb/painful inside your vagina and how to heal it + open up for deeper pleasure
  • What upsets your yoni health and how to balance pH and hormones
  • Enjoyable and holistic ways to prevent breast cancer
  • Luxurious treats for your pussy
  • Why I pretty much stopped using the jade egg, and what I use now instead... (so excited about this.....!!)
  • Tools to enhance your self pleasure experience with sacredness and sensuality
  • Plus some next level goddess tips and secrets (that every woman should know!)...
  • We'll also start with a guided meditation, so get comfy and cosy, and let's dive in... :)
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C'mon gorgeous, 
join the virtual girls night!!...
Hosted by...

Ronja Sebastian

Feminine Embodiment Expert, Dancer, World Traveler and founder of 
The Sensual Yogini Academy for Women 
– Online Temple for Feminine Embodiment, Sensual Awakening 
& Limitless Living.
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"Ronja is here to 
empower you to live 
a life of immense joy, ecstasy and bliss."

– Carrie Stiles, Founder of Good Karma Media | Portland, USA

"Trust me, if you want to take your life, your love and your energy to the next level: She’s your woman!"

– Janneke Robers
Women’s Coach | NL

"I had the privilege to be in the Shakti training on Ibiza last week with Ronja Sebastian as one of the most wonderful 
teachers I have ever met
She is such an inspiration to get in touch with your sensuality, your unlimited potential to feel pleasure in your body and to create a blossoming business that really comes from your core. Join this webinar if you 
want to find out more."

– Dagmar Cox, Red Tent Host at Levenskracht | NL

"I can really recommend this training to anyone curious about how to take yourself and/or your business to the next level!
A webinar filled to the brim with self experienced hands on knowledge as well as of deeper self reflection topics. 
All presented in Ronja's contagiously vivid and energetic way – a joy to experience!"

– Rose-Marie Jungeby, Yoga Teacher | Stockholm, Sweden
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